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Free New HSK 1-9 Vocabulary List PDF-LindoChinese
Free New HSK1-9 Vocabulary List(English)
Guia gratuito de mandarim chinês-lindochinese
Free Guide-Chinese Mandarin (Portuguese)

Mandarin Course

Everything you need to know for learning Chinese Step by step(Beginner to Advanced); Help you speak REAL Chinese! Chinese grammar and more……

Chinese Culture

How does Taiji help me to increase my persistence? Why do Chinese people like to use herbal medicine so much? How does the Chinese use tea to keep healthy life? Why are the Chinese so obsessed with Feng Shui? What can I give as a gift to a Chinese guest or friend?……

Chinese Q&A

Do I have to learn Chinese Characters? How long do I have to study before I can speak Chinese fluently? Do I have to use textbooks to learn Chinese? What are the differences between these words? What’s the best TV show/movie for learning Chinese……

What My Students Say:

Another great lesson  Rosa was supportive throughout giving me plenty of opportunities to put into practice what I have learned over the past few lessons and has also provided me with plenty of new words to supplement what I already know. Rosa has also been pretty flexible in her approach to the lessons and has responded to any feedback I’ve given to help tailor the lessons to my learning needs. Thanks once again Rosa!

–William Carroll, UK

Learning Chinese is indeed challenging. Fortunately, Rosa knows how to transform this extremely painful learning process into an exciting adventure. I have never had so much fun learning a language before. 老师谢谢!

–Franco, Sweden

Excellent lesson as always. Thank you for using simple language I can understand without introducing too many new words – this makes me feel good rather than overwhelmed! I also feel like my listening comprehension is improving. 谢谢你!

–Annie, UK

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