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We are experienced Chinese teachers who are passionate about teaching Chinese. The founder of this website-👩‍🏫Rosa(Nickname: Natasha) is a native Chinese, Polyglot, China Travel Expert, and Professional Teacher. Our Youtube Channel and lindochinese.com aim to the students who want to know more about Chinese Mandarin or China, the language, the culture, our life, and more!

The native language of Rosa is Chinese(Mandarin and Cantonese). Many people in southern China have a strong accent when they speak Mandarin…but not her! Her Mandarin pronunciation is standard, clear, and easy to understand.

Rosa has been living in Brazil for about 6 years. You can say she’s a polyglot(a person who speaks or understands many languages-Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Portuguese, she’s started learning Japanese&French currently.

We DO understand your feeling and difficulties when you start to learn a new language. That’s why we decided to start this blog to help YOU! And we have gained a lot of experience along the way both in teaching and learning, which will help you take fewer detours.

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