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Learner-centered lesson

  • Tailored to your learning goals
  • Simplified characters
  • Pinyin
  • Designed based on your progress
  • Scheduled at your convenience

Each lesson includes

  • Communication
  • 1-on-1 interaction
  • Pattern drills
  • Corrective feedback
  • Supplementary study materials

All you need is

  • Computer or tablet computer
  • Webcam
  • Microphone/Headphone
  • Internet connection
  • Zoom,Skype or Google account

Hi, I’m Rosa. I majored in teaching Chinese as a second language at Beijing Language and Culture University, one of the most renowned universities for language teaching in China. I’ve been teaching Chinese for 4+ years at all levels, beginner to advanced.

As a several languages learner, I understand how terrifying studying and practicing languages can be. Therefore I make my classes enjoyable, transparent, and simple to follow. My classes are tailored to those who desire to improve their Chinese language skills. Join my spoken Mandarin course if you wish to speak Mandarin naturally!

Speak: English,Portuguese

你好,I am Lillian, a licensed(CTCSOL ) mandarin teacher with 7 years of online and offline teaching experience. I graduated with a language major in china. I have taught people of all ages from children to senior citizens although mostly beginner and intermediate levels. 

I am a patient, nice, and understanding teacher. I can explain things clearly and help students practice and learn Chinese. When I am teaching kids, I will use teaching tools and games to make my class as fun as possible. As for adults, I will try to help you speak more Chinese and use it to express your thought when you rely less on using English during classes.

Speak: English
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