Chinese Gerunds? (Verb-ing)在 Zài Vs. 着 Zhe Explained | Free Mandarin Grammar Lessons

Chinese Gerunds? Clear Explained-(Verb-ing)在 zài vs. 着 zhe | Free Mandarin Grammar Lessons

Intro(Chinese Gerunds?) Gerunds are very commonly used in English and other languages. We also have some similar usages in Chinese, but we don’t call them gerunds. Let’s take a look. A swimming girl 一个正在游泳的女孩。 Yīgè zhèngzài yóuyǒng de nǚhái. A swimming pool 一个正在游泳的池子? Yīgè zhèngzài yóuyǒng de chízi? No, it should be: 一个游泳池。 Yīgè yóuyǒngchí. … Read more

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