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Earn Certificates to Showcase Your Mandarin Proficiency and Achievements.

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Flexible Online Lessons Tailored to Your Mandarin Learning Needs.

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Over 10 Years of Expert Mandarin Tutoring for Your Success.


Our Course Offerings

Zero-based all-round 3-in-1 authentic spoken Chinese

8-week video COURSE

Master authentic Mandarin with pronunciation, conversations, and cultural insights. Start speaking confidently!

Mandarin Pronunciation Course for Portuguese Speakers

2-hour video COURSE

Boost your Mandarin pronunciation – perfect for Portuguese speakers! Short, effective mini-course for mastering key language skills. 

Student participating in an online 1-on-1 Chinese Mandarin class with a tutor

1-on-1 Online Classes with Professional Teachers


Experience personalized learning with expert tutors in 1-on-1 online classes. Achieve your language goals with customized courses designed for you!

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Why Learn Chinese?

Travel Confidently, Explore New Cultures

Learning Chinese helps you confidently navigate different cultures and communicate effectively while traveling, making your adventures more enriching and enjoyable.


Boost Career Prospects, Open New Doors

China’s booming economy creates abundant job prospects and business ventures for fluent Mandarin speakers, enhancing career prospects significantly.

Discover Art, Culture From Different Angles

Learning Chinese provides insight into ancient art, literature, and traditions, fostering a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture. It unlocks new perspectives and enriches cultural understanding through language immersion and exploration.

Become a Better Learner

Mastering Chinese challenges the mind, enhances cognitive abilities, and fosters adaptability, resilience, and cross-cultural understanding, enriching personal growth and experiences.

Excel in Business, Communicate Effectively

Learning Chinese enhances communication with Chinese clients, expands market reach, and fosters cultural understanding, leading to stronger relationships, improved negotiations, and increased business success. 



Connect Globally, Expand Your Horizons

Mandarin is a bridge to communication with over a billion Chinese speakers worldwide, fostering meaningful relationships and global networking opportunities.


Popular Courses

8-week VIDEO course

Zero-based all-round 3-in-1 authentic spoken Chinese

This course offers 15 lessons on Pinyin and pronunciation rules, 30 speaking lessons in real-life scenarios, and 100 core vocabulary lessons. Perfect for beginners to practice and master authentic daily spoken Mandarin.


12-week Real-time clasS

Mandarin For Business

Master Mandarin for business success! Our practical courses teach essential language skills and cultural insights for effective communication, negotiations, and building strong professional relationships in Chinese-speaking markets.


Why Learn With Us?


Experienced Native Tutors

Benefit from over a decade of teaching expertise and professional certifications, ensuring top-notch instruction.


Global Reach

Join a diverse community of 300+ students worldwide, offering rich cultural exchanges and global perspectives.



Online Influence

Learn from a trusted source with over 1 million online followers, providing valuable resources and a supportive online community.


Proven Success

Our track record of successful students attests to our effective teaching methods and commitment to student progress and achievement.




Language Courses


What Our Students Say

Learning Chinese is indeed challanging.. Fortunately Rosa knows how to transform this extremely painful learning process into an exciting adventure.  I have never had so much fun learning a language before. 老师谢谢!



Another great lesson 🙂 Rosa was supportive throughout giving me plenty of opportunities to put into practice what I have learnt over the past few lessons, and has also provided me with plenty of new words to supplement what I already know. Rosa has also been pretty flexible in her approach to the lessons and has responded to any feedback I’ve given to help tailor the lessons to my learning needs. Thanks once again Rosa!



Excellent lesson as always. Thank you for using simple language I can understand without introducing too many new words – this makes me feel good rather than overwhelmed! I also feel like my listening comprehension is improving. 谢谢你!


Teacher’s ability to simplify some difficult chinese concept rejoices me deeply. 汉语不难。哈哈。



Great class, as usual. Thank you so much for your patience! 🙂


Amazing class! Great amount of reviewing and learning new subjects! I am having a lot of fun learning mandarin with Rosa 🙂



Free Resources

Free New HSK 1-9 Vocabulary List PDF-LindoChinese

Must-Have Resource

Unlock your HSK success with our free vocabulary lists from levels 1-9! Access essential words and excel in your Chinese language journey effortlessly.

Guia gratuito de mandarim chinês-lindochinese

Free Chinese Learning Guide For Portuguese Speakers

Start your journey to Mandarin fluency with easy-to-follow steps, useful resources, and expert guidance tailored for Portuguese speakers.

Free Quizz For Practicing Chinese Mandarin

Free Quizz For Practicing Mandarin Chinese

Test your Mandarin skills with our free quiz! Perfect for beginner learners, it covers vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Start practicing now and track your progress!


Frequently Asked

What is the difference between video courses and 1-on-1 classes?

Video courses are pre-recorded lessons for beginner learners that you can access anytime,anywhere, allowing you to learn at your own pace with a structured curriculum. They cover essential topics and provide exercises for practice.You can rewatch lessons as many times as needed for better understanding.

1-on-1 classes  are conducted live in real-time with a tutor through video conferencing platforms, suitable for learners of any level, whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. These lessons offer personalized instruction tailored to your specific needs and goals. You receive direct feedback and can ask questions in real-time, you have immediate clarification of doubts,making the learning experience more interactive and customized.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the video courses or 1-on-1 classes?

Our video course is designed specifically for zero-beginner Chinese learners, ensuring a solid foundation from the very start.

Our one-on-one classes cater to all levels, from complete beginners to advanced students. Each 1-on-1 class is personalized to match the student’s proficiency and individual learning needs, providing a tailored learning experience for everyone.

What topics are covered in the video courses?Is there a certificate of completion provided?

Yes, there will be a certificate of completion when you have completed all the required video courses and passed all the exercises.

Our featured video course offers 15 lessons on Pinyin and pronunciation rules, 30 speaking lessons in real-life scenarios, and 100 core vocabulary lessons. Perfect for beginners to practice and master authentic daily spoken Mandarin. Please click the link above of the courses for details.

Are there any additional resources or materials provided with the courses and classes?

Yes, we provide downloadable PDF materials with each course to enhance your learning experience. Additionally, you’ll have access to supplementary reading resources, practice exercises, and exclusive content tailored to reinforce the lessons and support your progress.

How do I schedule a 1-on-1 class and what is the availability?

To schedule a 1-on-1 class, simply contact us via Whatsapp or Email([email protected]). Availability depends on the instructor’s schedule and can vary, but we strive to accommodate your preferred time as much as possible.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the courses or classes?

Our online video courses come with a 7-day guarantee for a full refund. For 1-on-1 classes, refunds are not available. However, you can book a trial lesson with the teacher to ensure satisfaction before committing.

Can I choose the instructor for my 1-on-1 class?

Yes, you can choose your instructor for the 1-on-1 class, depending on the teacher’s availability. If their schedule matches yours, you can book with your preferred teacher.

What is the duration of each 1-on-1 class and how are they conducted?

Each 1-on-1 class lasts 55 minutes and is conducted online via video conferencing platforms such as:vootmeeting,skype,zoom(for 30-minute lessons only), providing a convenient and interactive learning experience.

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