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Lesson7-homework3-“Experiencing Chinese-Living in China"

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1. “Turn" in Chinese can be:

(Multiple choice)

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2. Make Sentence by Linking The Words:

1️⃣去qù  2️⃣十五shíwǔ  3️⃣要yào  4️⃣分钟fēnzhōng 5️⃣坐zuò 6️⃣出租车chūzū chē


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3. "Traffic Light" in Chinese:

(Multiple choice)

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5. Make Sentence by Linking The Words:

1️⃣怎么zěnme  2️⃣去qù  3️⃣你家nǐ jiā  4️⃣走zǒu


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6. Make Sentence by Linking The Words:

1️⃣哪儿Nǎr  2️⃣你nǐ  3️⃣去qù


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7. "堵车Dǔchē,塞车sāichē" Both means"Traffic Jam".

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9. "INVOICE" in Chinese:

Please write down the answer in Chinese(Answers can be in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Pinyin)

Note: Pinyin should be written with a space in each word, lowercase, with tone marks, or without, otherwise the system can't recognize it, thanks.

For example:2.5元, the answer should be:两块五/liang kuai wu /两块五毛/liang kuai wu mao

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Question : 她骑自行车去公司要多长时间Tā qí zìxíngchē qù gōngsī yào duō cháng shíjiān?

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